Viper-Flex® Styx Elite+


The Viper-Flex® Styx Elite+ is a strong and very stable four-legged shooting sticks, which is made with anodized aluminum tubes. The shooting sticks weighs only 1.45 kg.

The legs of the shooting sticks are coated with a rubber coating that reduces noise to a minimum and ensures a better grip and handling of the shooting sticks.

The Viper-Flex® Styx Elite+ can be used for prone, seated, kneeling and standing shooting. The unique design means that a solid support is obtained for taking your shots, thereby reducing the risk of wounding the quarry.

The shooting sticks can also be used as a one-legged or two-legged shooting stick for Pürsch, restraint, pressure or drift hunting and can also be used as a support when using binoculars during the hunt.


Facts about Viper-Flex® Styx Elite+

  • Operated with one hand
  • Wide facility that ensures a 20 meter wide area which can be covered in 100 meters without moving the stick
  • Made in black anodized aluminum combined with carbon fiber tubes
  • Rubber-coated legs that reduce noise to a minimum and ensure better grip and handling
  • Rubber feet that can be used on all hard and soft surfaces
  • Can be used by hunters with a height of up to 2.10 m
  • Shortest length (pushed together) 115 cm
  • Easy and quick adjustment to the desired height
  • Weight only 1.45 kg
  • Can fit in an a weapon case along with a rifle


For even better stability, the purchase of the Single Leg Styx Elite+ is recommended.


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